Lan Networks

Connectivity, a key element

A reliable and well-sized connection

A fundamental element in network projects. It is useless to invest in the best network technology if we do not have the right infrastructure to support the huge amount of data that professional networks require nowadays.

Structured Wiring
Fibre optics
PON Networks
Structured wiring

Verne Telecom develops turnkey projects, which cover both the overall design of the installation and its implementation and certification. Thanks to our ample experience in this type of solutions, we guarantee the success of our projects whatever the proposed scenario.

For the deployment of our solutions we use materials of the highest quality, which have passed the most demanding performance tests, which allows us to offer 25-year guarantees for the installation.

Years of warranty
Turnkey projects
Turnkey projects
Extensive experience
Extensive experience
Fibre optics

The growing demand for bandwidth has made fibre optics the transmission medium par excellence for its capacity and performance. Thanks to the know-how and experience of Verne Telecom in this area, clients will be able to have the best infrastructures with the maximum guarantee of service.

Our expertise is recognized internationally by clients as demanding as telecommunication operators that require compliance with very strict quality standards.

Fibre optics

More than a hundred projects completed successfully and more than 35,000 km of installed fibre optic make us an unquestionable reference in the sector.

Kilometers of fibre optic deployed
International expertise
International expertise
Quality and solvency
Quality and solvency
Fibre optics
PON networks

Verne Telecom is a specialist in the deployment of this type of network. These standards of passive optical networks allow considerable savings in the CAPEX and OPEX of our clients applied in a LAN environment (Passive Optical LAN - POL). The main advantage of these networks is that they allow you to reach the end points providing telephone, video, data and Wi-Fi services in an economical and reliable way.

This networking technology simplifies the traditional UTP cable deployments in many scenarios, since, as it is a passive transmission technology, it eliminates the need to install intermediate network electronics.

A series of advantages that make this technology a very interesting alternative in sectors such as hotels, companies or industry.

Reduction in space needed
No distance restrictions (up to 20 km per laying without the need for intermediate elements)
No interference problems
Reduction of maintenance costs
Higher security

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