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Business Continuity

Your company is protected against unexpected incidents

Your company is protected against unexpected incidents

An organization must be prepared to prevent, protect and react before incidents. For this, it needs to develop the necessary plans to ensure that the business applications and their most critical functions can be restored if its systems crash for any reason. Business continuity is based on having processes, tools or solutions that come into action when there is a serious incident.

These mechanisms help maintain services within predefined levels and establish minimum recovery times for the systems. The purpose of these mechanisms is to recover the initial situation prior to the incident, analyse the outcome of or the reasons for the incident and prevent the organization’s activities from coming to a halt.

Scope determination
Analysis of the organization
Determination of the continuity strategy
Response to contingency
Test, maintenance and review
Employees’ awareness
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Risk analysis

We carry out a study of the current infrastructure of the client and of the people who manage the various processes. Types of systems implemented, locations of these systems, business applications, processes, employees’ awareness and review of current plans, if any.

Equipment patching

Having updated systems is one of the priorities of a company. Not only must we take into account workstation equipment, but also the rest of the client's systems infrastructure. We provide services and tools intended to solve this matter.

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Business Continuity
Business Continuity
Backup systems

Systems that fulfil the function of safeguarding the most important data generated in an organization. For this, we have a series of technologies that we can implement both on premise and in the cloud. In order to choose the best solution, we measure several aspects, among them recovery speeds or information recovery guarantees.

There are different types of backups:

Full backups

Differential backups

Incremental backups

Mirror backups

Backup systems

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