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Servers, the brain of a company

Servers, the brain of a company

Servers are programs or machines in constant operation and intended to offer resources through the answering to requests through the network. They deliver information or services to clients, whether they are other machines or users.

In any organization we have a multitude of servers, which can be file servers, database servers, mail servers, web servers, application servers, among others.

The implementation of servers is not something banal, you need knowledge about hardware, platforms, operating systems, networks, security and configuration. Depending on the purpose of the servers, their locations and even their power, you need personnel with the necessary expertise.

At Verne Telecom we have a team of professionals who will advise you on everything you need. We help you to carry out your project.

Benefits from installing servers
  • Securing sensitive company data
  • Centralized storage of data and applications
  • Robust systems with fault prevention technologies
  • Simplification of backup copies
  • Cost savings in the organization

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