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A technology in constant evolution

Storage technologies cover many types of media: we have tape systems, WORM systems (write once and read many), solid disk systems or SSD memory.

Of late the SAN and NAS systems are being widely used for their reliability, although other systems such as iSCSI, DAS, CAS or NLS are recommended for some specific scenarios.

How do I know what storage system to implement?
How do I know what storage system to implement?
Required parameters
  • What maximum time could you allow for data recovery?
  • What volume of data do you want to store or what approximate amount is generated each day?
  • Do you need the data restored to be the latest, or can it be old data instead?
  • Would you need to make a total backup or just of part of the information?
  • Would you be interested in storing your data in the cloud?

Added to this, we must take into account environmental conditions, network redundancy, power supply protection systems and other important factors.

In Verne Telecom we design tailor-made projects, taking all these elements into consideration to try and offer the client the most adequate solution, both in terms of performance and reliability and price.

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