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Running different systems on the same machine

Virtualized systems allow you an infrastructure automated and centralized management. These deployment models allow you to simulate technological resources through software.

This technology allows you to disregard what resources a machine incorporates, creating a layer of abstraction between hardware and software (hypervisors) that allows us to deploy several virtual machines on the same physical machine.

Advantages for our clients
  • Reduction in infrastructure costs
  • Increased system security
  • Centralization of policies and applications
  • Easy remote access for employees
  • Greater flexibility and less points of failure on the network
  • Control of network resources
More data, processing power and memory. Fewer servers and workspace
More data, processing power and memory. Fewer servers and workspace

At Verne Telecom we work with the best solutions on the market such as: Microsoft Hyper-V and VmWare, with which we work on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Added to this we work on the virtualization of business applications such as Exchange, SQL databases or Oracle.

Optimize your IT investments and simplify the management of your systems with the implementation of virtualization solutions.

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