Telco Services

PMO (Technical Office)

Talent and experience at the service of major projects

Making major telecommunication projects successful requires careful and well-coordinated management. Having the best professionals in different areas allows us to form multidisciplinary teams that allow us to face with the greatest of guarantees the challenges that need to be faced every day.

At Verne Telecom we have a complete engineering team that supports the development of projects to turn them into a success. Our technical office offers a complete catalogue of services that allow us to cover a project end-to-end:

Our services
  • Field studies - In-situ stakeout
  • Permit management
  • Network design
  • Infrastructure deployment
  • Integration
  • Subscriber installation
  • Maintenance
A structure designed to meet the operator’s needs
A structure designed to meet the operator’s needs

Our central services also have specific departments responsible for managing the as-built documentation of projects, the request for building permits and the global certification of projects.

Thanks to the sizing specifically created to meet the needs of the operator, we have managed to deploy more than 1 million homes, install more than 25,000 km of fibre and register more than half a million clients.

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